Mission Statement

T-MARC Tanzania’s Mission is to contribute to the well-being of Tanzanians by and engaging in effective charitable activities and diverse partnerships among multiple players in providing education and public health support, whereby everyone has access to affordable, quality products and services and the information needed to live a better life.


  1. People - Reaching out to all Tanzanians with special focus on the under-served while promoting continued growth in staff expertise;
  2. Partnerships - Promoting new collaborations with partners from the public; private and non-profit sector and working with a diverse group of donors throughout Tanzania;
  3. Portfolio - Managing a diverse set of charitable projects that advance the field of social marketing and communications for the benefit of Tanzanians; and
  4. Place - Facilitating the Organization’s reach throughout Tanzania with extensive knowledge of the Country and areas where the most-at-risk groups in society reside; using innovation technologies to produce research data linked to locations to improve results.

Core Values

T-MARC Tanzania holds itself to the highest levels of integrity and has a strong commitment to the following values: 
  1. Leadership – T-MARC Tanzania strives for top results in the charitable initiatives it undertakes, stepping forward with innovative ideas, bringing together new partners and staying on the cutting edge of innovations in social marketing for public use to minimize health problems to the under-served and most-in-need groups in society.
  2. Partnership – T-MARC Tanzania is part of a larger team, working with stakeholders, government donors, collaborating agencies and others to combine resources, strengths and skills to achieve desired success;
  3. Accountability – T-MARC Tanzania is a charitable Organization committed to achieving the highest levels/standards of transparency and ethics in all financial, management and partnership activities undertaken by holding itself accountable to donors, partners and beneficiaries of its programmmes.
  4. Passion – Staff at T-MARC Tanzania maintain personal and professional enthusiasm for their charitable work and are driven by as sense of purpose and a desire to do all that they can to help improve the social conditions of Tanzanian families and society in general; and
  5. Respect – T-MARC Tanzania puts first respect for the people in Tanzania, revering diversity, valuing strengths and skills and working collaboratively with the beneficiaries of its services, products and programmmes.


The primary objectives of T-MARC Tanzania are to:
  1. To develop and manage cost-effective charitable marketing and distribution networks that will improve access by key populations to branded products and services addressing health, social and economic challenges;
  2. To develop and manage targeted behaviour change communications initiatives that enhance Tanzanians’ knowledge about socially-marketed products and behaviours that increase their health and well-being; and 
  3. To establish and maintain practical partnerships with international agencies and local organizations from Tanzania’s governmental, commercial, non-governmental and/or faith-based sectors for key roles in current projects and programmes.