T-MARC Tanzania’s efforts in increasing access to priority health products in Tanzania mainland and Zanzibar.

May 23, 2022

T-MARC Tanzania delivered 76,000 cycles of oral contraceptives to the Ministry of Health, Zanzibar. The consignment was received by Hon. Hassan Khamis Hafidh Deputy Minister of Health Zanzibar. During the ceremony the Deputy Minister Hassan expressed his sincere appreciations to T-MARC Tanzania for their support and effort in supporting health sector in Zanzibar. " More efforts now should be based on educating people on advantages and disadvantages on the use of contraceptives, and its significance in improving community lives" Deputy Minister said. He also went through to insist T-MARC Tanzania and other players to support the government in its efforts to reduce maternal and child mortality rate in the country.



'This is one of the things which pains me a lot witnessing death of pregnant women or children during the delivery, our societies need to be educated about reproductive health to avert these deaths". Says the Deputy Minister Hassan. On their part The Managing Director of T- MARC Tanzania Tumaini Kimasa said this initiative is part of T-MARC Tanzania’s efforts in increasing access to priority health products in Tanzania mainland and Zanzibar.

He also asked the Government to strengthen Partnership with the health sector Implementing Partners and other stakeholders including non-state actors as they support and complement the Government’s role to improve health and social development to people and communities. "Private Public Partnership” must be increased in order to complement health efforts going forward and positively impact our society " Since 2004 T-MARC Tanzania has been operating in Tanzania Mainland and Zanzibar and as one of Tanzania’s largest NGOs governed and managed solely by Tanzanians, employs bold and dynamic approaches to expanding access to health products and improving lives.


And among its services marketed products and behaviour change communication initiatives address pertinent health issues in reproductive health, family planning, child survival, water and sanitation, nutrition and communicable/non-communicable infections like malaria, HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and cervical cancer.

T-MARC Tanzania has also promoted other product categories - branded and non-branded including anti malaria drugs, Zinc, ORS, Water disinfectants in collaboration with other partners.