T-MARC Tanzania’s calls for improved access to education and products for Menstrual Hygiene Management in Tanzania

June 1, 2022

Tanzanian women and girls particularly in the rural areas lack knowledge and facilities to manage their menstrual wellbeing. Many girls eventually choose to drop out school due to poor access to water, sanitation and hygienic materials required to help them manage their menstruation. “T-MARC Tanzania works in close collaboration with the Government, development organization, the private sector and other implementing partners to improve access to education and products related to healthy menstruation. These programs include implementing menstrual hygiene management and sexual reproductive health education in schools and social marketing of “Flowless” sanitary pads” said Mr. Tumaini Kimasa, the Managing Director of T-MARC Tanzania.



'On Menstrual Hygiene Week, T-MARC Tanzania is advocating for increased access to menstrual education for girls to address myth, misconceptions, and taboos surrounding menstruation. “We also believe in the importance of involving men and boys as change agents in ending menstrual stigma,” said Mr. Kimasa.


During the peak day on 28th May, T-MARC Tanzania visited People Living with HIV and AIDS (PLHIV) teen clubs at Iringa Regional Referral Hospital (Iringa) and Likombe health center in Mtwara where they met with adolescents living with HIV. Furthermore, T-MARC visited Nanungu secondary school Ruvuma, Tandika primary school in Mtwara, and Likotwa and Rahaleo primary schools, and Mkonge and Angaza secondary schools in Lindi. T-MARC met with students and teachers to discuss menstrual hygiene. During these visits, T-MARC advocated for menstrual hygiene facilities particularly clean water, changing rooms and affordable sanitary pads to enable girls and women to manage menstruation effectively and with privacy.


About T-MARC Tanzania Committed to serving the health needs of Tanzania’s underserved and most vulnerable populations, T-MARC is a fully independent and locally managed non-governmental organization (NGO) specializing in social marketing and social and behavior change communication. Proud of its status as one of Tanzania’s largest NGOs governed and managed solely by Tanzanians, T-MARC