T-MARC marks world Menstruation Hygiene Day with Flowless pads

June 28, 2021

The world marks menstruation hygiene day annually on May the 28 th . This day was inaugurated by WASH United, the German-based NGO in 2014. May 28 th highlights the importance of good menstrual hygiene management and has been acknowledged all over the world.
T-MARC Tanzania marked this seventh edition of Menstruation Hygiene Day through generous donation of Flowless pads to ladies and young women in Dar City.

To highlight the excitement, Flowless pads ran a small challenge through its social media accounts where people were supposed to name an office that they think should receive these pads and why they thought so.

A number of offices were named for several reasons but three of them were at the helm. The trio included Ennovate Hub, Streets Industries and LHRC (Legal and Human Rights Centre). It was on the morning of 8th June when Flowless pads team visited Mikocheni-located Enovate Hub and Streets Industries’ offices where a number of flawless pads boxes were donated to staff who relished the use of these high-quality pads that are reigning high in the market. Staff of the above=named firms were highly impressed by this rare Flowless pads team’s visit.

The outcome of the visit turned out to be the opening of friendship between the trio firm’s staff and the lovely pads.

Within a short time later the team shifted its attention to the LHRC offices in Kijitonyama where it instantly enjoyed wide smiles and hospitality courtesy of LHRC E.D, Ms Anna Henga (Advocate) and his entire fleet of staff. The LHRC staff were in high-amplitude excitement to welcome the visiting Flowless pads’ marketing team.

Fortunately, the LHRH staff were familiar with the Flowless pads, product currently dominating the market all over the country.
Most of them declared that they were aware of the Flowless pads through one of their office mate who happens to sell the product.
While they appraised the visit, they also never hesitated to declare their unique passion. interestand delight for the product as well.

It was an impressive atmosphere with positivity about menstruation filling the boardroom atLHRC. men who by norms are not used to speaking about menstruation hygiene promised to champion it by buying the Flowless pads to meet interest and need of their wives and daughters. The event has been highly exciting and promising as the LHRC CEO committed to maintain
friendship with Flowless pads and ensure to engage the team in their subsequent events and



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