Baby Diapers

Smiley baby diaper is a quality baby diaper that ensures maximum comfort and the highest absorption that always keeps the baby happy and healthy at a sustainable price.

The smiley baby diaper is manufactured according to the highest Global Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standard, the key raw materials used in manufacturing the products are of the highest quality imported from the USA, Germany, and Japan

Smiley baby diaper offers the following benefits:

  • longer hours of uninterrupted sleep
  • Ultra comfort: Perfectly fitting the sheets for maximum comfort
  • Super gel technology: Fastest and maximum absorption
  • Side leakage guard: Leg cuffs and high absorption prevents any leakage
  • Breathable cloth-like back sheet
  • Stretchy waistband with Velcro tape
  • Wetness indicator

Available SKU’s

Smiley baby diaper is currently available in different sizes from Small to Extra Large.

  • Small - 3 to 6kg, 40 pcs per pack
  • Medium –7 to 9Kg, 36 pcs per pack
  • Large –7 to 18Kg, 32pcs per pack
  • Extra large– 11 to 25Kg, 28pcs per pack

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