Sanitary Pads

Flowless Sanitary pad is a high-quality product that offers great value for money for a scented sanitary pad in the country.

The Flowless sanitary pads are manufactured according to the highest Global Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standard, the key raw materials used in manufacturing the products are of the highest quality imported from the USA, Germany, and Japan

Flowless ensures the highest quality with maximum absorption. The pad length is 290 mm and 320 mm (unfolded). Flowless is available in one SKU of 10 pcs per pack and each piece is individually wrapped.

Flowless Sanitary pads have the following features:

  • The ultra-soft cotton top layer
  • Soft breathable back sheet
  • Super absorbency core (Japanese)
  • Super dry comfort pads
  • Side leakage protection
  • Aloe Vera extract for freshness and smoothness
  • Ultra-thin appearance
  • Individually wrapped

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