Social enterprising - the way to go for sustainable services and products

March 12, 2020

As part of the efforts to ensure sustainability in its service delivery through social enterprising approach, T-MARC Tanzania launched three new products that are already available in the market across the country as from January 15, 2020. 

The new products are Flowless sanitary pads which is special for women, Smiley baby diaper for babies and Harmony adult diaper for the elder people with special medical cases. They are part of T-MARC Tanzania social enterprising drive designed to ensure sustainability of services and products as it serves the larger Tanzanian society. 

T-MARC Tanzania has established a commercial department that deals with social enterprising with the aim of sustainably supporting the community with various quality products and services at a sustainable prices. 

This is in response to the current global trends, in which organizations strive to reduce donor dependency in supporting their service delivery by changing their organizational approaches to ensure sustainability. 

A nod from the Government

The launch event was graced by the Ilala District Commissioner, Hon. Sophia Mjema, and it was held in Dar es Salaam with a number of stakeholders in attendance. 

Speaking at the launch, Hon. Mjema commended T-MARC Tanzania for the new drive calling on other stakeholders to follow the example. 

“Let me seize the opportunity to commend T-MARC Tanzania for the new drive which is a key for sustainability. In the today’s world where donor funding is dwindling it is important that organizations learn how to reduce that dependence. This way they will be sure of reaching out to many people and in a longer period of time for sustained social impact,” she said adding: 

“I thank you for this idea, since you have taken into account the importance of these pads for these special groups through social enterprising. This will make the service sustainable and for sure it will go miles away in reducing the shortage of these products in the market across the country.” 

Sustainability of services and products 

On his side, T-MARC Tanzania Managing Director, Tumaini Kimasa, said that the aim of bringing up the new products was to support the community through sustainable products and service delivery. 

“The products are part of our social enterprising drive. We want to ensure sustainability of our services and products at the same time maintaining quality and affordability. Our aim is to serve the larger society for a long time. We are here to stay as a committed partner to the Government and other stakeholders,” he said.

“We at T-MARC Tanzania have added a social enterprise model to this effect. We intend to run our business through responsible commercial approaches at the same time retaining our commitment to social impact as we serve the Tanzanian communities,” Mr. Kimasa explained.