Flowless Pads take Dar streets by storm

June 28, 2021

A newly market proliferation strategy for T-Marc Tanzania’s best ever Flowless sanitary pads found Yvonne Cherrie famously known as Monalisa at the helm of the campaign.

Women and young girls in Dar es Salaam were hit by a blind wave of bewilderment as they came to realize the Flowless pads that Monalisa introduced to them were second to none in terms of quality and standard. Flowless pads have proved to be highly convenient to use especially for Tanzanian women and young girls who are ambitious, goals oriented, talented both students, employee’s even women in leadership.

Flowless sanitary pads have unique but credible features well enough to impress young ladies while they bring them comfort and freedom. No wonder this is the reason for the product to carry “Niko Huru” meaning “I am Free” tag.

Monalisa is one of the pioneers of the Tanzanian movie industry and has been relevant and trustworthy throughout her career extending to over 20 years. She remains an inspiration to most young girls in Tanzania particularly those who aspire to undertake a career in acting, modelling or any other profession in the entertainment industry.

Being one of the ambassadors of Flowless pads she decided to take it straight to the streets where these young girls that adores her can easily access the product.

In May she took to the streets of Dar es Salaam and Mwananyamala suburb is where her campaign got underway. During her short but spectacular visit a number of pharmaceutical shops and households were not missed. Monalisa met a number of young ladies and small business owners who extended her a warm welcome. Most of them were eager to know more about the sanitary pads, their unique features such as presence of aloe Vera extracts which keep skin complexion to remain smooth. Most of those who met her had no knowledge where these amazing pads could be available for
outright purchase. Monalisa told them the pads were readily available at any nearby pharmaceutical outlet or supermarkets as distributors have been busy to ease availability.

Apart from making this heavy duty marketing proliferation bid, Monalisa took along with her some giveaways and had time for a chit chat with audience that has been closely following her. She has a plan in mind to visit more streets of the vibrant Dar es Salaam City within the next few weeks for a similar mission as the pads have hit market in the most overwhelming response.



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