Dume Condom cuts across Dar Ndondo Cup football fraternity

June 28, 2021

For the second season in a row, Dar es Salaam’s highly fancied street team’s Ndondo Cup 2021 edition is in progress under the Dume Condom umbrella.

Awareness for importance of Dume Condom use is growing high among players, fans and officials as the tournament comes close to hit knockout stages. T-MARC has been at the helm of promotion for this valuable protective sex initiative. Dume Condom which has triple brand namely Classic, Extreme and   Desire looks to have engulfed the entire football fraternity that closely follow up the tournament’s progress across Dar es
Salaam Region’s suburbs. Posters, samples of condoms and promotional merchandise linked with Dume Condom have been widely distributed as a strategy to sensitize use for sexually active generation of young people. The fundamental objective besides sales promotion, is to provide safety and sex protection against the predominant yet deadly AIDS pandemic which has carried embarrassment to millions of human beings at global stage for close to four decades now.

Like any other country, HIV has been Tanzania’s chronic health disorder with no permanent solution in sight. Huge loss of manpower coupled with poverty are facts that continue to disgust people in the country.

Ndondo Cup linked with Dume Condom, is billed as an off season soccer tournament replacement that bridges the gap of the country’s all football leagues including the premiership ahead of subsequent season.  The tournament under Dume Condom kicked off last month with 46 teams competing. Open soccer grounds of Kinesi, Mburahati, Benjamin Mkapa School, Bandari, Tandika Mabatini are some of the venues where the slogan for use of Dume Condom for sexual protection is being carried. Temeke-based Toroli Combine Football team are Ndondo Cup title holders are looking forward to retain the crown as   Tshs 20,000,000 prize tag injection has become new driving force for participating teams.