Dume Condom at the helm as Vifundo claim 2021 Ndondo Cup title

The eighth edition of Ndondo Cup ended in Dar es Salaam on August 28, 2021 with fans, officials and players appraising Dume Premium Condom as a true HIV protection arsenal.

A total of 48 street soccer teams featured in the three-month long pulsating
tournament. For the second year in a row T-marc has been supporting the
tournament through Dume Condom flagship.

Right from the beginning T-marc team of staff has been versatile in both
distribution as well as marketing proliferation of the product which provides tight-blanket HIV protection for sexually active young generation of people.The organization’s target still remains to improve well-being of the sexually-active group of population with football fans, officials and players also fallinginto the marketing bracket.

Though the tournament has ended, still people have their memories linked to this health protective mechanism against the disease that has been on prowl across the globe for the fourth decade in succession.

So far the world is still in limbo on how to find a permanent solution in cracking down the HIV jinx. Dume Condom through its sub-brands of desire, classic and extreme looks to have an edge above the rest in terms of preferential consumer product choice. The quality, durability and packaging embedded in each of the Dume Condom sub-brands, has consistently been edging the rest across the Tanzanian market.

Temeke’s Vifundo FC clinched the Ndondo Cup title after breezing past Tabata All Stars by a lone first half goal in a tension-packed showdown. The winners claimed not only the trophy, but also the Tshs 20 million much sought jackpot.Issa Ngoa grabbed the winner that separated the teams ten minutes to half time mark. The eventual winners Vifundo FC created a good precedent enroute to final after handing their semifinal opponents Kinondoni, a 3-1 comprehensive rout a week before at the same venue.

The losing finalists got a consolation prize money half of the winner’s package.Dar es Salaam Regional Commissioner Amos Makala presided over the prize presentation ceremony at the Tanzania Harbors Authority’s Bandari venue. The semifinal losers were awarded Tshs 2 million each.

Ever since the tournament kicked off in May 2021, T-marc team worked
around the clock in creating awareness to the soccer fraternity on how best to stay on the safety barrier against the global sickness.

Throughout the tournament, the all important message regarding use of Dume Condom as a perfect protection mechanism has also been widely spread across numerous households of Dar es Salaam and beyond.

Dume Condom brand is and still will be an effective HIV protector for long spell to come. Trust Dume for your safety against silent killer, HIV infection.

Monalisa stuns Queens with ‘surprise Flowless Pads package’

In its strong quest to improve life and maintain good health to communities, T-Marc Tanzania took a Centre stage in mid July with another conspicuous donation of flowless pads. Newly-crowned Tanzania women premier soccer league champions Simba Queens stood as beneficiaries of the high-quality pads this time.

The event took place at the Uhuru Stadium in Dar es Salaam soon after the end of a friendly match between the champions and national women soccer team, the Twiga Stars.

The encounter played during a cool evening on July 13th, saw Twiga Stars opening their account barely ten minutes after the kick off through a spot kick converted by striker Aisha Amin.

The national team extended their tally twelve minutes after resumption to keep the match out of reach by the Tanzania premiership champions.

However, Simba Queens coach Musa Hassan “Mgosi” made tangible substitutions at the start of second half that improved his side’s attacking flare. It was the Bakari Shime-coached Twiga Stars players who had a trouble to contain the fast-moving, versatile and enterprising Queens’ pressure at the rear.

The Queens secured the post-match crucial consolation with a hefty donation of the flowless pads as Monalisa stormed their dressing room with five boxes courtesy of T-Marc.

Monalisa herself being a fan of Simba Queens presented boxes of the pads to skipper Violet Nicholas amid jubilation that reverberated across the dressing room.

She wished them the best of luck ahead of their CAF Champions league opener scheduled in a fortnight with a first leg tie to be staged in Kenya.

‘Play your hearts out, hassle-free and go ahead to win the game convincingly. Feel free and enjoy soccer with an assurance of flowless pads at your midst,’ said Monalisa.

Simba skipper Violet on behalf of her fellow players expressed her in-depth appreciation to Monalisa and T-Marc for the useful donation of high-quality flowless pads. “We really value and appreciate this donation which has come at the right time and will certainly ease stress during our preparation for the continental champions league assignments”, said the charming featherweight Queens’ skipper.

Never before a team has been overwhelmed by a post-match dressing room surprise package like this one by T-marc. Donation of the pads is a continuation of T-Marc services towards achieving the well-being of communities and this time it was lined up for the young generation of soccer players. More are still to come as T-Marc is commited to its fundamental attitude on improving well-being of communities in the country.

Dume Condom cuts across Dar Ndondo Cup football fraternity

For the second season in a row, Dar es Salaam’s highly fancied street team’s Ndondo Cup 2021 edition is in progress under the Dume Condom umbrella.

Awareness for importance of Dume Condom use is growing high among players, fans and officials as the tournament comes close to hit knockout stages. T-MARC has been at the helm of promotion for this valuable protective sex initiative. Dume Condom which has triple brand namely Classic, Extreme and   Desire looks to have engulfed the entire football fraternity that closely follow up the tournament’s progress across Dar es
Salaam Region’s suburbs. Posters, samples of condoms and promotional merchandise linked with Dume Condom have been widely distributed as a strategy to sensitize use for sexually active generation of young people. The fundamental objective besides sales promotion, is to provide safety and sex protection against the predominant yet deadly AIDS pandemic which has carried embarrassment to millions of human beings at global stage for close to four decades now.

Like any other country, HIV has been Tanzania’s chronic health disorder with no permanent solution in sight. Huge loss of manpower coupled with poverty are facts that continue to disgust people in the country.

Ndondo Cup linked with Dume Condom, is billed as an off season soccer tournament replacement that bridges the gap of the country’s all football leagues including the premiership ahead of subsequent season.  The tournament under Dume Condom kicked off last month with 46 teams competing. Open soccer grounds of Kinesi, Mburahati, Benjamin Mkapa School, Bandari, Tandika Mabatini are some of the venues where the slogan for use of Dume Condom for sexual protection is being carried. Temeke-based Toroli Combine Football team are Ndondo Cup title holders are looking forward to retain the crown as   Tshs 20,000,000 prize tag injection has become new driving force for participating teams.

T-MARC marks world Menstruation Hygiene Day with Flowless pads

The world marks menstruation hygiene day annually on May the 28 th . This day was inaugurated by WASH United, the German-based NGO in 2014. May 28 th highlights the importance of good menstrual hygiene management and has been acknowledged all over the world.
T-MARC Tanzania marked this seventh edition of Menstruation Hygiene Day through generous donation of Flowless pads to ladies and young women in Dar City.

To highlight the excitement, Flowless pads ran a small challenge through its social media accounts where people were supposed to name an office that they think should receive these pads and why they thought so.

A number of offices were named for several reasons but three of them were at the helm. The trio included Ennovate Hub, Streets Industries and LHRC (Legal and Human Rights Centre). It was on the morning of 8th June when Flowless pads team visited Mikocheni-located Enovate Hub and Streets Industries’ offices where a number of flawless pads boxes were donated to staff who relished the use of these high-quality pads that are reigning high in the market. Staff of the above=named firms were highly impressed by this rare Flowless pads team’s visit.

The outcome of the visit turned out to be the opening of friendship between the trio firm’s staff and the lovely pads.

Within a short time later the team shifted its attention to the LHRC offices in Kijitonyama where it instantly enjoyed wide smiles and hospitality courtesy of LHRC E.D, Ms Anna Henga (Advocate) and his entire fleet of staff. The LHRC staff were in high-amplitude excitement to welcome the visiting Flowless pads’ marketing team.

Fortunately, the LHRH staff were familiar with the Flowless pads, product currently dominating the market all over the country.
Most of them declared that they were aware of the Flowless pads through one of their office mate who happens to sell the product.
While they appraised the visit, they also never hesitated to declare their unique passion. interestand delight for the product as well.

It was an impressive atmosphere with positivity about menstruation filling the boardroom atLHRC. men who by norms are not used to speaking about menstruation hygiene promised to champion it by buying the Flowless pads to meet interest and need of their wives and daughters. The event has been highly exciting and promising as the LHRC CEO committed to maintain
friendship with Flowless pads and ensure to engage the team in their subsequent events and

Flowless Pads take Dar streets by storm

A newly market proliferation strategy for T-Marc Tanzania’s best ever Flowless sanitary pads found Yvonne Cherrie famously known as Monalisa at the helm of the campaign.

Women and young girls in Dar es Salaam were hit by a blind wave of bewilderment as they came to realize the Flowless pads that Monalisa introduced to them were second to none in terms of quality and standard. Flowless pads have proved to be highly convenient to use especially for Tanzanian women and young girls who are ambitious, goals oriented, talented both students, employee’s even women in leadership.

Flowless sanitary pads have unique but credible features well enough to impress young ladies while they bring them comfort and freedom. No wonder this is the reason for the product to carry “Niko Huru” meaning “I am Free” tag.

Monalisa is one of the pioneers of the Tanzanian movie industry and has been relevant and trustworthy throughout her career extending to over 20 years. She remains an inspiration to most young girls in Tanzania particularly those who aspire to undertake a career in acting, modelling or any other profession in the entertainment industry.

Being one of the ambassadors of Flowless pads she decided to take it straight to the streets where these young girls that adores her can easily access the product.

In May she took to the streets of Dar es Salaam and Mwananyamala suburb is where her campaign got underway. During her short but spectacular visit a number of pharmaceutical shops and households were not missed. Monalisa met a number of young ladies and small business owners who extended her a warm welcome. Most of them were eager to know more about the sanitary pads, their unique features such as presence of aloe Vera extracts which keep skin complexion to remain smooth. Most of those who met her had no knowledge where these amazing pads could be available for
outright purchase. Monalisa told them the pads were readily available at any nearby pharmaceutical outlet or supermarkets as distributors have been busy to ease availability.

Apart from making this heavy duty marketing proliferation bid, Monalisa took along with her some giveaways and had time for a chit chat with audience that has been closely following her. She has a plan in mind to visit more streets of the vibrant Dar es Salaam City within the next few weeks for a similar mission as the pads have hit market in the most overwhelming response.

Condoms are still the most effective way for preventing STDs and unplanned pregnancies

On February 14 T-MARC Tanzania joined the world to celebrate the International Condom Awareness Day with a call for more advocacy on condom use for effective prevention of sexually transmitted diseases and unplanned pregnancies. 

As part of the celebrations, T-MARC Tanzania held a media briefing on the day and its importance. Speaking during the media briefing, T-MARC Tanzania Director of Social Enterprising, Flavian Ngole, said that the day was a time to promote the use of condoms and educate people about the need for practicing safe sex at all times. He was accompanied by the Director of Administration and Logistics, Geraldine Duwe and Sales Manager Larson Chumi. 

“The aim is to get more people comfortable with purchasing, carrying, talking about and using condoms during sexual activity,” he pointed out.  

Consent and voluntary testing are key

With the theme focusing on the importance of consent and testing of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) including HIV/AIDS between partners, the day’s commemoration was held one day before St. Valentine’s Day which is celebrated on 14th February each year.   

“We all know the enthusiasm that comes along the day across the globe. We think it is a good time to promote healthy and safe relationships and reminding people about the risks of sexually transmitted diseases and unplanned pregnancies. In short, we use the day as a reminder to everyone to always ensure that they practice safe sex,” he said. 

The International Condom Awareness Day is also used to fight against such stigma which is putting the lives of many people including youth and women at high risk. “People should be able to make their free choices and also learn how to use a condom correctly from these places while at the same time having any sexual wellness questions answered in a friendly manner,” emphasized Ms. Duwe.

Partnership with the Government 

T-MARC Tanzania has been working with the Government of Tanzania and other partners to improve public health and the well being of Tanzanians through forming up strong partnerships and programs to ensure them with accessible, affordable and quality services and products. 

Supporting the above Government initiatives in the HIV/AIDS prevention, unwanted pregnancy and controlling sexually transmitted diseases, T-MARC Tanzania through social marketing approach offers various types of condoms in order to widening consumer choices, Dume Classic – Plain no scented condom, Dume DesireRed, strawberry-scented condom, and Dume ExtremeRibbed, Dotted, Mint scented condom and Lady Pepeta Female condom 

We believe together we can successfully support Tanzania in its efforts to improve public health and the well being of all Tanzanians most especially among the vulnerable groups including youth and women. Let’s play our part! 

Social enterprising - the way to go for sustainable services and products

As part of the efforts to ensure sustainability in its service delivery through social enterprising approach, T-MARC Tanzania launched three new products that are already available in the market across the country as from January 15, 2020. 

The new products are Flowless sanitary pads which is special for women, Smiley baby diaper for babies and Harmony adult diaper for the elder people with special medical cases. They are part of T-MARC Tanzania social enterprising drive designed to ensure sustainability of services and products as it serves the larger Tanzanian society. 

T-MARC Tanzania has established a commercial department that deals with social enterprising with the aim of sustainably supporting the community with various quality products and services at a sustainable prices. 

This is in response to the current global trends, in which organizations strive to reduce donor dependency in supporting their service delivery by changing their organizational approaches to ensure sustainability. 

A nod from the Government

The launch event was graced by the Ilala District Commissioner, Hon. Sophia Mjema, and it was held in Dar es Salaam with a number of stakeholders in attendance. 

Speaking at the launch, Hon. Mjema commended T-MARC Tanzania for the new drive calling on other stakeholders to follow the example. 

“Let me seize the opportunity to commend T-MARC Tanzania for the new drive which is a key for sustainability. In the today’s world where donor funding is dwindling it is important that organizations learn how to reduce that dependence. This way they will be sure of reaching out to many people and in a longer period of time for sustained social impact,” she said adding: 

“I thank you for this idea, since you have taken into account the importance of these pads for these special groups through social enterprising. This will make the service sustainable and for sure it will go miles away in reducing the shortage of these products in the market across the country.” 

Sustainability of services and products 

On his side, T-MARC Tanzania Managing Director, Tumaini Kimasa, said that the aim of bringing up the new products was to support the community through sustainable products and service delivery. 

“The products are part of our social enterprising drive. We want to ensure sustainability of our services and products at the same time maintaining quality and affordability. Our aim is to serve the larger society for a long time. We are here to stay as a committed partner to the Government and other stakeholders,” he said.

“We at T-MARC Tanzania have added a social enterprise model to this effect. We intend to run our business through responsible commercial approaches at the same time retaining our commitment to social impact as we serve the Tanzanian communities,” Mr. Kimasa explained.

Community involvement key to success in AIDS response

Since the emergency of AIDS some decades ago, health systems across the world have been stretched in terms of resources including financial, material and manpower for responding to the disease.    

These challenges necessitated the development of measures to combat the spread of the disease, introduction of new combinations of medications, prevention strategies and increased community awareness and involvement. 

Key to all these is the mobilisation of communities, who after recognizing their vulnerability, have taken collective action to curb the spread of the HIV virus. 

On the occasion to mark the World AIDS Day for 2019, T-MARC Tanzania Managing Director, Tumaini Kimasa, issued a press statement to the media to remind the public about the risk AIDS poses and the need for joint efforts in fighting against it. 

Communities Make the Difference

“The theme ‘Communities Make the Difference’ is so timely as it is the time that we need to reflect and celebrate the achievements recorded in the fight against AIDS through effective community involvement,” he said and added: “It is an opportunity to recognize the essential role that communities have played and continue to play in the AIDS response at all levels.” 

According to him, communities across the globe contribute to the AIDS response in many different ways and that their leadership and advocacy ensures that the response remains relevant and grounded, keeping people at the centre leaving no one behind. 

“Peer educators, networks of people living with or affected by AIDS, vulnerable groups including drug abusers, sex workers, women and young people, counsellors, community health workers, door-to-door service providers, civil society organisations, grass-roots activists, among many others are so key in the fight against AIDS,” he explained. 

Likewise, added, here in Tanzania community involvement has been critical to AIDS response across the country and communities are an important pillar in T-MARC Tanzania’s work. 

“Our mission is to contribute to the well-being of Tanzanians by and engaging in effective charitable activities and diverse partnerships among multiple players in providing education and public health support, whereby everyone has access to affordable, quality products and services and the information needed to live a better life,” said. 

Partnerships contributing towards AIDS-free Tanzania 

T-MARC Tanzania is carrying out various initiatives to promote positive health practices for HIV prevention, treatment and care for communities in Tanzania. Currently is working with a consortium of partners including the Government of Tanzania and FHI 360 to promote HIV testing services and early initiation of Anti-retroviral Therapy (ART) through the national HIV test and treat Campaign ‘Furaha Yangu’ in various communities particularly those with high HIV burden. T-MARC also socially markets condoms for HIV prevention targeting vulnerable populations including women and youth in many parts of the country. 

For many years now we have been working hand in hand with other partners and communities in our health interventions including those responsible for AIDS response. These include central and local government authorities, local health committees, village/ward leaders, influencers, community health workers, volunteers among many others.

“At the time when resources for AIDS response are dwindling threatening the sustainability of services and advocacy efforts, greater community involvement remains the main hope for addressing the challenges that are brought by AIDS,” Mr. Kimasa concluded.