afya Check Campaign in Dar es Salaam

T-MARC Tanzania continues to improve lives and serve the community by partnering with Clouds Media's Afya Check (health check) campaign, which is led by its DUME Condom ambassador Dr. Isaac Maro.

The campaign was officially launched by Dar es Salaam Regional Commissioner Mr. Amos Makalla and it has run for 10 days in all Dar es Salam municipals including Kinondoni, Temeke, Kigambomi, Ubongo and Ilala municipal.

Throughout the campaign, T-MARC Tanzania provided education on HIV/AIDS, Menstrual Hygiene and reproductive health, and it also displayed its socially marketed products, which are DUME Condoms, Flowless Pads, Flowless pantyliners, Harmony Adults Diapers, Smiley Baby Diapers, Emergency Pills – Revoka and Oral Contraceptive pills - Flex P contraceptives pills.






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