USAID Social Enterprise Support Activity (USESA).

The goal of USESA is to improve the health status and sustain economic growth in Tanzania by preventing the spread of disease (particularly HIV/AIDS) and unwanted pregnancies. To support this goal, USESA will ensure achievement of the following objectives:
  1. Increase supply and sale of Dume condoms and Flexi P OCPs to target groups willing and able to pay for these products.
  2. Increase the effective demand among target consumer groups for Dume and Flexi P products.
  3. Transition T-MARC’s health products (Dume and Flexi P) marketing from grant dependence to a self-sustaining social enterprise..
USESA adopts social enterprise approaches and tools to transition Dume and Flexi P products to full cost recovery and ensure their sustainability without donor support by 2019. The project targets middle-income audiences with ability to pay for the full commercial value of the products. T-MARC works collaboratively with other market players to segment the condom and OCP markets in a manner that increases the user base for these products to achieve market growth. USESA works with private sector distributors on a win-win basis to expand accessibility of Dume and Flexi P in urban centers.