December 23, 2021

Grace Joseph Kilangi is a mother of three children, she is 28 years old and is
married to Mussa Oden Mgani. This family lives in Ilawa village which is in Kilolo
district from Image ward. Their firstborn is now 4 years old, second-born 3 years and
the last born is 1 and a half years old.
When the couple first met Grace was a successful small businesswoman, she was
also very active in farming. This started to change when she was about to have her
first child. Things were so bad, but they were not the same as she could no longer
contribute economically as before.
Grace thought this will just be temporary as she will soon get back to business after
delivering her baby. The reality was different as when her baby was four months old,
she realized that she was pregnant again. This was sad news to her as this was
unexpected but for the husband, it was just great news. Grace did not know how this
happened and she wished she knew what to do to avoid such a scenario.
The nightmare was not over for grace as the same thing happened after she delivers
the second child, her second and third child is just one year and a half apart. She
was tired and started to lose hope, she had big dreams when she was getting
married but now the dreams were far reached. She was mentally and physically
USAID Tulonge Afya Community Volunteer from Image ward, met with grace and
after knowing what the Community Volunteer does grace asked for advice. CV talked
to her and told her about Male Circumcission that they can help her and bring hope
once again. Grace had heard about Male Circumcision but was afraid that they were
not safe. After being educated on family planning methods she was convinced and
begged the Community Volunteer to talk to her husband.
The Community Volunteer visited them and took her time to talk to them, she used
their example to show the disadvantage of not using family planning. Contrary to
what Grace thought her husband was supportive and he agreed that they will visit
the health facility.
Grace and her husband decided to use family planning and wait for three years
before they decide if they will need another baby. She is confident and happy now;
she has regained hope and she believe that one day she will be a successful
businesswoman as she always envisioned.