T-MARC Tanzania has been at the forefront in promoting Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) in an effort to keep adolescent girls in school during their menses and therefore reduce truancy, and dropout rates in Mtwara and Lindi Regions. T-MARC has done this in close collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MoEST) primarily through development a training curriculum and training cadres of teachers as Trainer of Trainers (TOTs) through the Girl’s Empowerment “Hakuna Wasochiweza” Project which provided:
  • In school MHM education for adolescent girls which include components on basic understanding of HIV/STIs and Reproductive Health
  • Distribution of free and low cost sanitary pads.
T-MARC also has experience in social marketing water disinfectants in its portfolio which included provision of clean hand washing Interpersonal Sessions (IPCs) with targeted communities in Tanzania.The WASH-HIV Integration project was designed to build on existing safe drinking water projects and identify behavior change practices for water, sanitation, and hygiene to assist persons infected and affcted by HIV/ AIDS. The initiative was to ensure that PLHIV and their families had safe drinking water (PuR and alternative approaches that are economically appropriate), hand washing, food hygiene and faeces management to prevent diarrheal disease for the mobile and bedbound.

This effort focused on Lake Zone, eastern highlands, central (including Morogoro and Dodoma). T-MARC developed a pilot project in Morogoro and created a community of practice composed of organizations working in HIV, water and sanitation and other relative health areas. 
This pilot initiative introduced the concept of WASHHIV integration to introduce small feasible actions that households can take (soap, PuR, commode construction) to improve the WASH practices.