T-MARC has conducted grants management activities for several initiatives in the past, most recently under the Jipende! Grants Program in 2009.  During this activity, T-MARC teamed with nine other local civil service organizations to implement HIV prevention activities targeting commercial sex workers and women engaging in transactional sex. The programme reached over 1,500 sex workers and women engaging in transactional sex with peer training on negotiating condom use, HIV testing and counselling and life skills. T-MARC fully developed and managed the grants activity, including monitoring and evaluation, technical oversight, and overall financial management and reporting of the sub-grantees.T-MARC developed its first grants programme in 2007, managed by Africare. The objective of this programme was to build on the reach and credibility of organisations that were already working with high risk HIV/AIDS groups by providing them with well-developed and tested communication tools and activities that they could integrate into their existing programmes.