The goal of T-MARC Tanzania’s child survival efforts is to improve the health of Tanzanian families by building capacities that:
  • Reduce newborn mortality from preventable infections, hypothermia and asphyxia by supporting immediate essential newborn care.
  • Reduce the incidence of low birth weight, stillbirth and newborn mortality due to malaria, sexually transmitted infections like congenital syphilis and poor nutrition.
  • Reduce the transmission of HIV infection from mother to child and increase HIV-free survival.
  • Improve the health care environment by supporting service providers with the tools they need to do their jobs effectively.
Dehydration resulting from childhood diarrhea is among the major causes of child mortality in Tanzania. Dehydration causes far too many deaths as a result of poor compliance with effective oral rehydration solution (ORS) treatment. Low osmolarity ORS and zinc have been approved by the World Health Organization as effective treatments for childhood diarrhea and the effects of dehydration that result.With social marketing assistance from T-MARC, Tanzania became the first country in Africa to introduce zinc as a treatment for childhood diarrhea, which contributed to the achievement of national targets for the Millennium Development Goals Four and Five.