Vendor Selection Protocol

Please read the following information about the procurement policies and procedures at T-MARC Tanzania.


  • T-MARC Tanzania will hire only established and responsible vendors who possess the potential to deliver products and services under the terms and conditions of the proposed procurement. 
  • T-MARC will take into account a vendor’s integrity, record of past performance, financial and technical resources, and ability to access other needed resources.
  • T-MARC maintains a system for vendor administration to ensure vendors conform to terms, conditions and specifications of the procurement and to ensure adequate and timely follow up of all purchases.  
  • T-MARC will evaluate vendor performance and document, as appropriate, whether they have met the terms, conditions and specifications of the procurement requirements.

 Bid Opening & Evaluation 

  • Bids will be opened after the submission deadline. Bidders may attend the opening ceremony.
  • All bids will be evaluated against pre-determined criteria that are developed to measure -how well each bid delivers the required product or service specifications. 
  • Evaluation criteria are set forth in the tender documents (RFP) so that bidders are made aware of them and can focus their bids accordingly. 
  • Selection of vendors is based on price, quality, functionality and service or other factors contained in the evaluation criterion.

 VAT Exemption 

  • VAT exemptions require approximately 2 to 3 weeks to process. 
  • The approval process involves the vendor, T-MARC, the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare (MoHSW) and the Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA).
  • We advise vendors to plan accordingly and take into account the above timeframe when obtaining VAT exemptions.

For more information please contact procurement(at)tmarc.or(dot)tz.