T-MARC Profile:


The origins of the organization stem from Tanzania Marketing and Communication Project which initiated in 2004 and managed by the Academy for Educational Development (AED) with funding from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). On April 1, 2007 T-MARC Company Ltd was established as a means of sustaining the project objectives after closure. The T-MARC Company was later re-registered as a not for profit non-governmental organization on 13th May of 2011, changing its name to T-MARC Tanzania. 
T-MARC Tanzania is registered under the Tanzania Non-Governmental Organizations Act (2002) and awarded certificate number 00001401

Management and Administration

T-MARC has in the past 10 years managed donor funding of over $35,000,000 in various programs. The success in attracting donor funding has been made possible, thanks to a strong, highly experienced and active local Board of Directors with technical expertise in ensuring good governance of financial, human and material resources and proving guidance to the Executive Management.
T-MARC’s Executive Committee and Staff has a wealth of experience spanning the commercial, public and development field. The organisation utilizes sound financial systems that cater to international standards of accounting practices, and modern day electronic banking. This is largely facilitated by the utilization of financial systems tailored to enable T-MARC to accurately manage and track procurement, vendors, payrolls, assets, cost centres and budgets, and generate various financial reports in line with donor expectations and well-defined finance and human resource policies.

Areas of Focus

  Social Marketing - T-MARC has been involved in social marketing since 2004 when the T-MARC Project was launched. T-MARC increases the use of preventative health products among at-risk, poor, and vulnerable populations by ensuring that they have access to subsidized products and taking steps to ensure that all new products and services attain a quality standard that Tanzanian consumers expect and deserve.

T-MARC has successfully established and socially marketed Dume male condoms, Lady Pepeta female condoms and Flexi-P oral contraceptives; making them available, attractive and affordable. The organization continues to optimally manage the total market for these subsidized health products. In addition, T-MARC provided social marketing support to commercial brands like Pedzinc (a treatment for childhood diarrhoea), Save Lo-ORS (a low osmolarity oral rehydration solution for treating diarrhoea for children under five) and PUR (water purification sachets).
In particular, T-MARC has experience in planning and executing the activities necessary to support health brands including; developing market insights, objectives and plans that encompasses product, price, distribution and promotion goals, brand positioning, developing marketing programme objectives, executing work plan, budgets and research to support the above activities. Based on its Social Marketing experience, T-MARC has now introduced a Social Enterprise component with the aim of introducing new products as part of the organization sustainability plan.

Behaviour Change Communication (BCC) – T-MARC has implemented behaviour change communication (BCC) projects in Tanzania since 2004 and has experience in developing evidence-based activities that bring about changes in behaviour in targeted populations.

Collaboration, Partnering & Administration - At T-MARC, collaboration involves reaching out to other organisations targeting the same populations or interventions. It often involves sharing information and resources and coordinating activities. T-MARC has particular experience in engaging the private sector to leverage resources in its non-profit activities. Collaboration often benefits both organisations as well as the recipients of programs.

Partnering is a more formal relationship that leverages economies of scale and involves financial arrangements between T-MARC and other organisations. When T-MARC sub-grants, it looks for reputable organisations that have a history of funding, a good track record, experienced management and the appropriate systems in place. As a recipient, T-MARC offers strong management and technical capacities, financial systems, well-documented policies and procedures, all major support functions and steady governance. T-MARC also seconds staff for those projects where there is an advantage to co-locating T-MARC personnel at partner offices.

Monitoring, Evaluation & Research - At T-MARC, research happens at every step of the process, from project planning to implementation, including monitoring and evaluation. Research helps fill in the gaps of knowledge for a particular programme. Good monitoring data provides programme managers with information that correlates programme activities with changes in behavioural determinants and changes in actual behavior. Monitoring also involves giving feedback about the progress of the project to the donors, partners and beneficiaries of the project.

T-MARC, along with its partners, has conducted formative research into most at risk populations in Tanzania including commercial sex workers, truck drivers, barmaids and men in uniform. T-MARC has also partnered with industry and non-profit organisations to assist with the introduction of two micronutrient products, Nutributter® and Plumpy’nut®, for infants six to 24 months old. As part of this effort, T-MARC conducted an organoleptic study, to confirm taste preferences, and a usage study, to better understand adherence behaviours, and created a launch plan for the products expected in the market.