Partnering is part of T-MARC Tanzania’s mission, vision and values.  T-MARC collaborates and partners with many types of organisations in implementing programmes. These include the government of Tanzania, international and local non-governmental organisations, faith-based organisations, local associations and foundations, and commercial partners. T-MARC has particular experience in engaging the private sector to leverage resources in its non-profit activities.

Collaboration involves reaching out to other organizations targeting the same populations or interventions as T-MARC. It often involves sharing information and resources and coordinating activities.  Collaboration often benefits both organisations as well as the recipients of programmes. One example of collaboration is when T-MARC worked with FHI on the Tunajali Project, a project supported by USAID and PEPFAR. Both organizations shared volunteers and training in delivering water, sanitation and hygiene services, as well as PUR water purification sachets to people living with HIV/AIDS.  The added services leveraged current resources and broadened the tools and benefits of the intervention to the target population.

Partnering is a more formal relationship that leverages economies of scale and involves financial arrangements between T-MARC and other organizations. When T-MARC sub-grants, it looks for reputable organisations that have a history of funding, a good track record, experienced management and the appropriate systems in place. As a recipient, T-MARC offers strong management and technical capacities, financial systems, well-documented policies and procedures, all major support functions and steady governance. T-MARC also seconds staff for those projects where there is an advantage to co-locating T-MARC personnel at partner offices.

T-MARC takes a viewpoint that open and frequent communication ensures strong partnerships.  Apart from the usual face-to-face work plan reviews and quarterly reviews, T-MARC’s leadership makes it a practice to make interim calls to partners to ensure projects are running smoothly. This builds trust and allows T-MARC Tanzania to work effectively with others to bring the best solutions to the people of Tanzania.