T-MARC Tanzania has developed and implemented behaviour change communication (BCC) projects in Tanzania since 2004.  It has experience in developing evidence-based activities that bring about changes in behaviour in targeted populations.  T-MARC, along with its partners, has conducted formative research into most at risk populations in Tanzania including commercial sex workers, truck drivers, barmaids and men in uniform. The formative research forms a basis for and supports our BCC strategies. T-MARC emphasizes important stratagems such as:
  • Assessing and understanding the target population’s environment and norms
  • Understanding the target population’s met and unmet needs as well as those of important influencers
  • Discovering the key factors (determinants) that heavily influence behaviour
  • Tailoring effective communication programmes to target populations
  • Using multiple reinforcing messages delivered through culturally appropriate communications channels
T-MARC has designed and implemented several important BCC initiatives in Tanzania including MAISHA, Mama Ushauri, Jipende Grants Program and Sikia Kengele.  See Achievements to learn more about these past projects.

Social Marketing

T-MARC Tanzania has been involved in social marketing since 2004 when the T-MARC Project was launched. T-MARC has made the following brands available, attractive and affordable:In addition, T-MARC has provided support to the following brands:
  • Pedzinc, a treatment for childhood diarrhoea
  • Save Lo-ORS, a low osmolarity oral rehydration solution for treating diarrhoea for children under five
  • PUR, water purification sachets to prevent water-borne illnesses
Pedzinc and Save Lo-ORS were established on behalf of Shelys Pharmaceutical in Tanzania under the AED-led POUZN project (Point of Use Water Purification and Zinc Treatment). PUR was a one-time procurement and distribution to U.S. government partners working with people living with HIV/AIDS.In particular, T-MARC has experience in planning and executing the activities necessary to support these brands including:
  • Developing market insights 
  • Brand positioning
  • Developing marketing programme objectives
  • Developing a marketing plan that encompasses product, price, distribution and promotion goals and strategies
  • Developing and executing a work plan and budgets
  • Developing and executing a research plan to support the above activities
Under the T-MARC Project, led by AED, T-MARC successfully established and marketed the above brands. Please see Achievements for more information. Under TSMP, led by PSI Tanzania, T-MARC has continued its sales, and has been working with PSI to more optimally manage the total market for subsidized health products.