The purpose of T-MARC Tanzania is to have a positive impact on the health and well being of Tanzanians. Therefore we prefer to measure our results with health impact in mind. We are very proud of what we and our partners have achieved so far

Dume a male condom brand

T-MARC Project. Under T-MARC’s flagship project supported by USAID and managed by AED, T-MARC established a number of socially marketed products including Dume, a male condom brand that targets underserved, most at risk populations in Tanzania. Surveys showed that HIV prevalence rates for these populations have ranged from 10 to 29 percent, many times the prevalence rates for the country overall. By building a meaningful brand for these high risk groups, Dume helped avert 11,257 cases of HIV/AIDS in its first five years on the market. 

Flexi P oral contraceptives

T-MARC launched Flexi P oral contraceptives, offering women a convenient, reliable and affordable modern family planning method. T-MARC established distribution in 61 percent of accredited drug dispensing outlets and 84 percent of pharmacies in Tanzania. Based on sales of 7,968,000 cycles, this effort has led to 120,000 disability adjusted life years (DALY) averted, 849 maternal deaths averted, and 145,143 unintended pregnancies averted.2 One DALY is equal to one year of life lost to illness or death

Sikia Kengele

This behaviour change communication initiative supported by USAID and managed by AED represents Tanzania’s first ever campaign to focus on faithfulness as an effective way to prevent HIV. Over the multi-year national campaign, T-MARC reached approximated 3 million people. In addition, 94 religious leaders were trained in two regions on how to more effectively counsel young couples on fidelity, sex and partner communication, providing an ongoing platform for change in those regions. .

Jipende Grants Program

This programme, supported by USAID and managed by Jhpiego, reached over 1,500 sex workers and women engaging in transactional sex with peer training on negotiating condom use, HIV testing and counselling and life skills.

Mama Ushauri

This popular radio drama, supported by USAID and managed by AED, was developed as a way to reach a broad audience with accurate information on reproductive and child health issues. After 148 episodes over five years, it managed to build an audience approximately 4,700,000 weekly listeners.

Vaa Kondom

This behaviour change campaign, supported by USAID and managed by AED, provided clear messages regarding correct and consistent condom usage to Tanzania. The programme reached out to over 1 million Tanzanians providing tools and information to vulnerable populations on how to protect themselves and their families from HIV/AIDS as well as on how to know their HIV status.

Kataa Malaria

T-MARC distributed 210,129 long-lasting insecticide treated nets to high-risk groups in Zanzibar and over 5,000 additional nets to other outer-lying islands. The initiative prevented close to 200,000 cases of malaria and averted more than 1,800 deaths